How Has Biotechnology Equipment Helped Improve the Food Supply?

Scientists today, who keep an eye on our health and welfare in the world, express concern over the possibility that we will run out of food in the future. This may happen for a number of different reasons, such as a widespread drought, localized flooding, or global climate change. However, using biotechnology we can make it possible to improve our food to sustain us for an even greater amount of time, and to do so more cheaply.

How has biotechnology equipment helped to improve the current food supply?

Golden Rice and White Rice

One of the ways that biotechnology affects the food supply is through genetic manipulation of plants we use as food. Some of the foods that we eat regularly are modified genetically so that the plants yield more and are able to do so in situations that are more difficult. When you look at the grain that is currently available, you will see that it is much shorter and with a higher yield from grain a few decades ago. This is no accident. Scientists design grain in order to grow more quickly and provide us with more food in a smaller amount of land space.

Another way that biotechnology affects the amount of food that we have available is by manipulating the plants to continue growing when they are sprayed with pesticides. It certainly is true that the bugs that eat the crops have become resistant to many of the pesticides we use today, but by manipulating the genes of the plant, you can affect the bugs without affecting the plant itself. In addition, weeds, which have also become more of a problem in recent years, can be sprayed while the genetically modified plant is left untouched. Since the plants are also being modified to be resistant to the pests, it has an additional way of taking care of the issue.

Biotechnology has also affected the animals that we use as food as well. There have been generations of crossbreeding that were done to help produce animals that are of heartier stock and will provide us with additional food. This is not only beneficial for us and our food supply, it is also beneficial for the individual who raises the livestock. It lowers their costs and increases their profit margin. These practices can benefit from the effective use biotechnology; they can also benefit through crossbreeding of various animals to get a hardier stock.

Although we have considered the fact that biotechnology is beneficial to our food supply and us, it is also important to consider the fact that biotechnology benefits the environment around us as well. By producing plants that are naturally resistant to pests, fewer chemicals need to be used, which keeps those chemicals out of the environment. In that way, everyone benefits. The land itself is able to produce more because of the reduction in chemicals and those who are eating the vegetables and fruits that are grown in such a way also benefit because they are not ingesting those chemicals as well. It is yet another way that biotechnology benefits all of us.

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